Our Mission

At Scorely, we understand that everything in business comes down to trust.
Our goal is to help people get accurate information about any business easily, so you know who you can trust.

What we do & how we got started

Scorely makes information on businesses available to everyone so you know who to trust. We simplify the process of researching businesses by providing a grade for each business, which is based on financial, legal and customer satisfaction data. Our platform increases transparency into a businesses’ trustworthiness and reliability.

Our founder comes from a small business background and he understands the importance of just how important trust is when doing business. When doing business with other companies and as a customer himself, he found it incredibly difficult and time consuming to research these companies. He found this out through a painful personal experience. He thought he properly researched a small business before paying them $1,500. They didn't deliver the product and he lost the entire amount. This experience motivated him to educate the public on the importance of business trust, and also to provide a solution for business owners to check and build their business trust.

"Our goal is to help people get accurate information about any business easily, so you know who you can trust."
- Shanw Porat, CEO Scorely

How it works

Anyone can sign up for a free account on Scorely. Users can search for any business to see information on the company including:

  • General company information
  • Background report
  • Credit report
  • Customer & satisfaction ratings
  • Ranking by trust rating

Here are our different types of users benefit from using the platform:

Businesses Info

  • We collect information on businesses including credit data, background reports and customer satisfaction for anyone to see.


  • Businesses can check information on companies that they work with or are thinking about working with.


  • Customers can access information about any business they want to buy from and support.



Vendor to Small Businesses

"The internet holds a lot of incomplete information about small businesses. Scorely takes all of it and adds 50% more non-readily available business data such as payment history, sanction indicators, derogatory legal filings and makes it easy to understand in a few seconds."



"There are a bunch of customer review sites but that’s not enough. When I’m trusting a new business it’s great to see all their Trust Rating, if they pay their bills on-time and if they’ve been sued. Scorely is bringing transparency to small business"


Small Business Owner

"My business has always been judged by a few customer reviews but because of Scorely my customers and partners know that I’m completely trustworthy. How long I’ve been in business, that I pay all vendors on-time, I’ve never been sued and much more."

Location & Contact info

99 Wall Street, Suite 710, New York, NY 10005 - view in map

Do you want to know more

Contact us at help@scorely.com